Wings and Whimsies - Imaginative Events & Parties with Fairies, Pirates, Mermaids,etc
About Us: 

 Babbling Brooke, a fairy godmother

Zephyr, a fairy  

Blossom, a flower fairy
*as seen in Streets and Eats 
of SC at Soda City* 

~~Meet our newest fairy~~

Coming soon:  Unicorn Princess

                                               Meadow, the Monarch Fairy

Wings & Whimsies 
   does not use overdone
     licensed characters.
Each character is a unique creation     
turns your event into a completely distinctive experience; 
and not the same old-same old!

Kawsner and Zephyr at Charleston Scottish
Games and Highland Festival

~Does your  event need a whimsical touch?

Babbling Brooke, Blossom, and Zephyr are guaranteed crowd-pleasers, giving out fairy baubles and wee gifts and entertaining with stories, music, and laughter.  Sognos, the gnome entertains with music, a little magic + gold nuggets.  
Firebeard, the Pirate & Pearl, a mermaid bring music and tales from the sea, a touch of sea foam and a piece of pirate's treasure.

Library and school programs can be tailored to fit any theme: historical, fairy tales from around the world, how to tell a story, tea parties, crafts, etc.

Ask about our reading incentive programs or invite us to your school's special events.

Church programs feature sanctifying myths, which present the gospel in various tales by such authors as RC Sproul and Karen Kingsbury.

"Fairy Tea Party
"Zephyr is a huge hit in the Garden! Children are drawn to the fairy and the entire scene that is created with detail and care.  Wings and Whimsies provide an excellent tea party full of fun, games ...  and small fairy tokens for each child. They are extremely easy to work with and adaptable to any situation. If you want to create a memorable event, the fairy tea party is a great way for adults and children to share in the experience together."

--Amanda Segura, Children’s Garden Manager
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

~Looking for children's birthday party ideas?

Babbling Brooke and Zephyr will fly to your aid, bringing with them a host of party ideas - like a  Tea Party or Flower Fairy Adventure, Masquerade, Knights and Dragons, Kings and Castles, or Mermaids + Pirates - including entertainment, party games, crafts, costumes, and more.  Your child's fantasy can come true!                                                                                  

Party Packages in the midlands area begin at $100 for up to 10 children, with your choice of 3 activities, and can be built on and customized to ensure your child's delight. 

Services may include a fairy greeting in the mail prior to the party and a wee gift for the child of honor.  
Upon booking, a full listing of options is made available.   
Please email us at

~Or How about a Whimsy-Gram!

Have one of our characters deliver a message or make an appearance as a special guest at your child's school or daycare!  Free hospital visits~

Sognos, a gnome/dwarf   
the Dragon-Tamer 

Pearl, a mermaid
and Firebeard, 
the Pirate

The Living Statue

~Please contact us about your charitable events
~Free hospital visits

**Add a little fairy dust**

~~active board member at large of South Carolina Storytelling Network~~

video of Living Statue: 

~~member of North Carolina Storytelling Guild~~

~~member of Southern Order of Storytellers~~

~~member of National Storytelling Network~~ Guild of Renaissance Performers
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Zephyr's Diary:

Zephyr's blog:

Have wings, will travel
Columbia, SC and beyond!

"favorite part of the festival...a huge hit"
"We will definitely work with you in the future!" Riverbanks Zoo  2012
"... a charming addition..."
"The children adored you and so did everyone else! "
"You did a wonderful job and all the children loved it!! Thanks so much I will definitely recommend you"
"...everything was great :)"
"Loved having you at Triad Highland Games. Everyone from children to adults were completely enchanted by you! Hope to see you there next year!" 2012
"You did such a wonderful job and the children loved you!  I hope that you would be interested in performing for the library again in the future.  We would love to have you back!" Richland Cty Library 2013
"They were mesmerized by have a gift"  SC Performers Showcase 2013
"Your mermaid & Firebeard story really was entertaining.  Loved it!!" ~Charleston Tells 2014

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